5 Must-Have Car Accessories for Your Family Vehicle

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“Are we there yet?” is the four-word question every parent dreads to hear on a road trip. It’s a sign that kids are already bored and tired, and are soon to find ways to entertain themselves in whatever form. And if you’re not prepared, it might just get messy, or noisy, or just plain crazy. Continue reading 5 Must-Have Car Accessories for Your Family Vehicle

Which Tyre Do You Need?

As winter draws ever closer it’s never been more important to focus on one particular element of your car, tyres. Whilst most drivers keep up on servicing and upkeep, tyres seem to be an element which many forget about. Click on Tyres have produced this handy infographic on getting the most out of your tyres, the various ranges you can get your hands on and which tyres would suit your needs as a driver. Continue reading Which Tyre Do You Need?

How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Road Trip

As a driver you will know how important it is to make sure that your car is up to date and in full working order, however when it comes to making a long road trip, the need to ensure that your car is fully checked for any issues before you leave increases greatly. On a long journey, your car will be working a lot harder than on minor journeys, which is why it’s absolutely essential that thorough checks are carried out before you set off to make sure that you don’t run into any trouble along the way. We’ve put together a list of the vital checks and preparations that need to be carried out before embarking on a long distance drive.

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