How to Effectively Drive in Rain and at Night

Driving in rain at night

We’ve given you tips on getting ready for winter weather and steeling yourself for driving in the snow, but did you know that a greater number of crashes occur at night and in rainy weather? Aaron Woods and his firm Woods Law KC specialize in personal injury (in particular vehicle collisions) – according to Woods Law, the NHTSA data gathered on car crashes shows that in 2014, 2,037 fatal crashes occurred during the rain, as opposed to the 626 that took place during snowy conditions. It is also worth noting that 15,280 of the total 29,989 fatal crashes happened in the hours from 6PM to 6AM, when it is more likely to be dark outside. Continue reading How to Effectively Drive in Rain and at Night

The 6 Ultimate Mercedes-Benz of All Time


I’m sure I mentioned a time or two that I’m a Mercedes Benz fanatic. If I didn’t, or you didn’t get the message, I am totally a Mercedes Benz fan for life! And I’m not the only one. As one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world, the Mercedes-Benz has taken precedence in the hearts of many drivers and auto enthusiasts throughout the decades. Nevermind the fact that a car company that has been around for more than 130 years probably makes them one of the best in the business.  Continue reading The 6 Ultimate Mercedes-Benz of All Time

4 Car Upgrades Worth the Cost

car upgrade

Do you want to improve your car’s cosmetic appearance and performance? Are you considering spending some money on certain upgrades? It’s important to think about which choices are financially wise; which things are actually worth the cost of the upgrade. While it can be fun to add unique cosmetic details, you’ll usually get more for your money with improvements that improve your car’s performance and safety. Continue reading 4 Car Upgrades Worth the Cost

Automobile credit in the US

Automobile credit

Every family needs a vehicle or two

Recently motor vehicle debt in the US has for the first time exceeded $1 trillion. Honestly what would the US citizen be without his motor vehicle? This is a very large country and in order to get to any place it is essential to have transportation. Likewise to get to your place of employment it is necessary to have reliable transport. Then the mother also needs a vehicle to get the children to school or to other activities in which they may be participating. Continue reading Automobile credit in the US